Monday, 14 February 2011

Mounting the board

Now that I've got all the bits and pieces I need, and some tips from the kit supplier, I've been able to move things along.

The tube sockets were a little tricky to mount. I ended up using a drill to ream the screw holes a little larger. Still a tight fit, but they went on with only a little persuasion.

Then I was able to put the volume control in. And then run the ground bus. This is a bare wire that connects up some of the earth connections on the inputs, and other components. It terminates on the chassis, just south of the power transformer. I hope I get this wiring right, otherwise the chassis is going to be "live" when I plug it in.

Then I squeezed the circuit board into the right place. There's definitely not too much room to move in there. The final piece of the jigsaw is the pilot light.

But. Hang on. The pilot light won't fit.

That last capacitor on the board (yes, the big one) is in the way. Sigh. Time to take the board out again, unsolder that big old capacitor, and then remount it slightly further away from the top of the board. That done, it all fits in quite nicely.

Phew! What's next?

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