Saturday, 15 January 2011

Working on the chassis

One of today's tasks was to start to prepare the chassis. This involves mounting the power transformer and input transformer to the back of the metal box, and then mounting other components such as the valve sockets, inputs, volume control, fuse and fuse-holder to the relevant holes.

This was a pretty straightforward exercise and it hasn't required much soldering so far.

The inputs require a little attention. There's a resistor soldered across the tabs of one of them, and then a jumper runs across to the other.

I've reached a minor hiatus in construction. The nut that holds the volume control in place was missing from my kit (so I'll have to wait until another is shipped out to me). And in addition, the screws that are supposed to hold two of the valve sockets in place just don't seem to want to go through their little holes (I've asked the kit manufacturers for some advice on that one).

So it's back to more lacquering for me.

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